Deborah Simpkin King, Artistic Director & Founder


Ember’s Journey Back to Live Performance

Since our last pre-quarantine rehearsal, Ember singers have met regularly on zoom, and been in regular communication. Although all of us longed for the time when we could make actual music together again, there was absolutely nothing hasty or ill-considered about our move back into live performance.

Ember singers and leadership (several of whom work in the medical community) have been following and discussing regularly the progress of aerosol testing of the singing activity. No one wanted to jump into anything prior to documented evidence of what provides a safe, healthy experience for audience members and for the singers themselves.

The significant study that was just released in August provided more solid information than had been available previously. We are bold to sing now only because we are doing so on the basis of documented evidence as to conditions that allow us to do so safely. Given that, we again live into our mission of deepening and enlivening the human journey through song!

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Our Response in Uncertain Times

  • To COVID-19: Our first commitment to audience members and to singers is their safety and health, engaging directly only in times, places and ways that protect, and (as always) only for reasons of deepening and enlivening the human journey.
  • To the heightened awareness around equitable diversity: While continuing our ongoing commitment to eclectic programming with a social purpose, with our marvelous singers of diverse backgrounds, all three branches of our organization are taking new, proactive and deliberate steps to prioritize increasing involvement with persons of color.

Beyond this, what do we know?

  • Ember will perform a virtual, immersive Christmas program on December 18 at 3:00. Ticket holders can watch the concert live and as often as they wish any time after the concert.
  • Ember will perform in NYC and NJ on March 6th and 7th, respectively.
  • Ember will perform in NYC and NJ on May 23rd and 24th, respectively – this one a commissioned double premiere: composers Eric Banks and Robert Paterson (as originally programmed for May of 2020).
  • Ember has formed a strategic partnership with MUSAE, producing all of our concerts from henceforth as “fusion” events – meaning a mix of live audience (appropriately distanced, as advised for health and safety) and international virtual audience.

We have a 45-minute concert that can travel . . . and even adapt.
Give us a shout! and share your thoughts with us.

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